Can college professors dating former students dating as friends


Other relationships between faculty members and the students they teach have recently made headlines in Colorado, where the university is investigating a professor accused of having an amorous relationship with a graduate student who worked for him and not notifying his superiors, and North Carolina, where a faculty member resigned after it came to light that he had been having conversations of a sexual nature with an undergraduate student over an instant messaging service.“In my experience, this is not a rare occurrence, particularly at the graduate student level,” says Richard Carlson, a professor or labor and employment law at the South Texas College of Law, who has written on the subject of faculty-student relationships.“It’s much more common than it should be.”Despite policies put in place at colleges and universities during the past decade that prohibit relationships between professors and the students they teach, and newer policies prohibiting all romantic and sexual relationships between instructors and undergraduates, professors on campuses across the country say that while such relationships are not common, they are more frequent than many expect."Sexual harassment has not disappeared from our campuses" and the "development of policies and programs has not eliminated the problem -- and perhaps never will," wrote Billie Wright Dziech, an English professor at the University of Cincinnati, and Linda Weiner, a former college administrator, in their book The Lecherous Professor.News that a graduate student had been killed the week before classes were scheduled to start rocked the University of Idaho last week.


When a recent case at the University of Colorado at Boulder became public, administrators said they typically hear from four to five instructors each year who are romantically involved with students.

At Colorado, relationships between instructors and students are not prohibited, as long as instructors inform their superiors and avoid conflicts of interest.


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