Cape malay dating

I stuck to soft drinks for the evening but my companion was bowled over by the extensive wine list and we were particularly impressed with the section that suggested specific wines that will complement certain Malay dishes.Vegetarians are not catered for as an afterthought.We had a choice of butternut soup, which, as delicious as it looked, had too much ginger for my companion's palate, but my smoorsnoek was cooked to perfection and topped with crunchy cabbage.There are four main course dishes: a delectable bobotie, a mild (but oh-so yummy) chicken curry; a slightly spicy vegetable breyani and a dhal (red lentil) curry.

They offer two menus at present, although these change seasonally.

They are all served with a portion of basmati rice, puri (a crisp pan-fried bread) and a roti (a soft, floury, pan-fried bread).

The Cape Malay Restaurant is one of those places one wishes one could wrap up in a doggy bag and take home.

The aromas of good, wholesome homeliness are what greet one even before the the warm reception.

Therefore it came as no surprise when I learnt that Abrahams had trained Martha Williams, the head chef at the Cape Malay Restaurant, in the art of authentic Cape Malay gastronomic delights.

Tucked away in Constantia, the Cape Malay Restaurant offers a treat of balanced aromas, tastes and colour.


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