Carolina speed dating

It might give you a second chance to make an impression on them! Venue Website Show Map If you cannot find street parking there is a parking garage 1 block away.')" href="javascript:viewpage('


Click the "Buy Now" button for the Raleigh/Durham event you would like to attend. Please read the Information Regarding Age Groups, Cancellation Policy and Free Pass Policy HERE.

If you have any problems signing up for an event, please email [email protected]


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    April um 13.30 Uhr mit der feierlichen Eröffnung in der Kirche der Hl. Die beiden Festivalschauplätze - Manzioli Palast und ehemaliger Gemeindepalast - laden bis21.00 Uhr zur Wein - und Delikatessenverkostung in romantischer Atmosphäre ein.

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