Cd dating website Sexy anty video chat

I had a woman without picture message me, her headline says "Cd looking for fun or whatever" Her profile says that she is looking for Intimate Encounter.

I asked her what CD stands for but she wouldnt tell me.

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What I read is "Canadian looking for fun or whatever". That's usually a term reserved for men, although I know it goes both ways.

looking for fun or whatever Ha ha ha....maybe CANADIAN...especially since she used 'eh' in her response. I am still going with the Canadian thing only because she used the word 'eh'. Most women wear mens clothes anyways (t-shirts, boxers to bed, etc.) and no one ever bats an eye.


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    Accepting applications for discreet affair Not Sexy Time but Chessy Time m. coffee that is then it would be water, then onto beer. Kettle corn for sure chips must have dip or go on my sandwich. I'm not looking for anything serious at the moment but more or less to have fun and take a load off...

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    Am here for "Till death do us apart".(PLEASE NO MESSAGES FROM HAMARA DES AM SICK AND TIRED OF YOU GUYS)..

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    I did, and I think it explains why just about every man I met asked for a second date. The first weekend that my girls were off with their Dad, I decided it was time to meet some of the men I’d been chatting with.

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