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"That’s obviously what you want in a relationship," he says before adding, "It’s definitely — down to every little line — the way I feel about my wife." Currently on hiatus from his seven-time Grammy award-winning group, Lady Antebellum, Kelley admits, "I think she could tell over the past couple of years that I was having an artist itch to spread my wings a little bit!

" And despite his own hesitation, she encouraged him to pursue it.


Charles Kelley takes love by the horns in his just-released "Lonely Girl" music video.As the leading lady picks up the pieces following a shattered relationship, the country singer steps in and declares his undying devotion.Affectionately described as "best friends" with a "truly unique relationship," he still sounds head-over-heels "even after all this time" — as the ballad goes."And we really do feel like we 'get' each other more than anyone else," Kelley continues.

When he later recorded a rough demo inspired by her with his producer Nathan Chapman, he brought it home to play "and she had a big 'ol smile on her face," he recalls with a laugh. "Cassie can be my harshest critic when it comes to songs," he claims.

"I don’t know if it was the lyrics that made this one a little bit more biased, but she definitely just loved it from the get-go." The intimate lyrics are sweet, yet .


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    "I've been on the road for 45 years because I live to play music with my friends for my fans.

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