Charles rockefeller and dating


Here is information on how they met, their wedding, children, and more.

made newspaper headlines from the day their engagement was announced.

it soon became a matter of comment that the scion of the house of Rockefeller had fallen a victim to the charms of the Providence belle."Source: "A College Love Affair." After seven years, John finally proposed by moonlight. 102."The original intention of both families was to surround the ceremony with ultra-exclusiveness. Rockefeller and his father were particularly anxious that none but relatives and close friends should be bidden to the wedding, but with Senator Aldrich the case was different.

Wedding Date: John and Abby were married in a lavish ceremony on October 9, 1901 at her parents' summer home in Warwick Neck, Rhode Island. In his "Headlines through the nation heralded the event: Croesus Captured, Dances Led to His Marriage, Son of Richest Man in the World Gives Up Church and Goes in for Dancing to Win Miss Aldrich, Beauty to Wed Wealth ..."Source: Raymond Blaine Fosdick. He found out that unless he sent out at least 650 invitations there would be trouble ..."Source: "Heir to Oil King's Millions Weds Tomorrow." 10/11/1901. 2."The marriage ceremony was performed at o'clock in the ballroom of the tea house, a handsome stone structure recently erected on the estate.

The bride's gown was of ivory white satin, Princess style, fastening down the back. David Rockefeller: "His marriage, despite his initial doubts and hesitation, was a godsend ...

How John and Abby Met: Abby and John met in the fall of 1894 at a college dance."The love affair of John D.


There are those who still remember when the senator's daughter first met the oil king's son.

It was at Sayles memorial hall, at one of those college functions ...

Born: John Davison Rockefeller, Jr: January 29, 1874 in Cleveland, Ohio.

Abigail "Abby" Greene Aldrich: October 26, 1874 in Providence, Rhode Island.

It was witnessed only by the immediate relatives of the bride and bridegroom.The ceremony was followed by a wedding breakfast, served at 12 o'clock, in a marquee adjoining the tea house, erected for the purpose, ...


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