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Lunch times were spent running to and from the gym, getting in that 30 – 40mins of cardio.

Then as my career progressed, so did the limited time for exercise. A sport that included three different elements, which meant burning hundreds of calories. I also decided this was a good time to run races: 5kms, 10kms, and ½ marathons. I would arrive to the gym early: 6am, attend a spinning class then swim. I had a large team to manage, a sizeable budget to balance and I just kept getting more tired.

I was living north of Toronto and used to take the GO Train into Union Station every day.

I would wake up at am catch the am train, drag my work out gear with me.

I love that it is up to me to make a shot and there is no one else to blame. Then I started to experience some other weird symptoms: exhaustion and heart racing that were unexplainable.

Being in good physical shape, really makes a difference on the golf course. Then in 2014 at the age of 45 I was diagnosed with a rare auto immune disease. How could someone who lives a healthy life, rarely can eats junk food, get an auto immune disease? I had an ICD inserted into my chest to protect my heart and was started on high dosage of steroids. I am no longer a 20+ year old that can eat whatever I choose.

When you have three older brothers that played football, rugby and volleyball you quickly become the sibling that shags the ball.

Today I am off the medication and life had gotten back to a ‘new normal’. I am back to teaching my cycle classes and now have included personal training others. Also I can’t go out and crack off a 5km as my knees won’t let me.

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Then return at lunch or night time to get that run in. I am a believer that fitness changes, so I tried many new things to address the exhaustion: hot yoga (Bikram, Moskha, Ashtanga) and Cross fit.

I still kept teaching my fitness classes, because I loved being with people and watching them sweat! I love the individual competitive nature of the sport. I loved all these things, but I still couldn’t shake the exhaustion.


In high school my love for sports continued right on into university and college. I got certified with CANFITPRO, the national association for fitness professionals in Canada. It’s amazing how when you need to make time for fitness, you really figure out what you are made of.I was introduced to Squash in my late teens and was addicted, playing for my school and local city club. You learn how to keep commitments and what really is a priority in your life.


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