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MCCARTHY: Well, it happened to be that I thought of the cover first, about a year and a half ago. So let's go to it and then we'll go back to the book. MCCARTHY: I don't think you would have wore the mullet though. MCCARTHY: You know, on Twitter, people are very candid. MCCARTHY: It's afterwards, you're bringing all of JFK and LAX luggage with you and projecting onto your-- KING: How many times would you say, Jenny, you have been in love? And right around the time that I was going through my own breakup, which I'm sure we will get to, Larry. I'm like why are people reading this and liking it? KING: But you used your Twitter account, as I understand it, to survey people about some of the subjects in this book. KING: And were you surprised how candid people were? (END VIDEO CLIP) KING: We'll talk about love, and lust, and faking it. (END VIDEO CLIP) KING: She tells us why she dated jerks, and if she's found somebody new. KING: One looks at you and, and you use the word disastrous love life.


LARRY KING, HOST: Tonight, Jenny Mc Carthy is going to get personal about her split with Jim Carrey. So I have this great scope of people to ask these questions to. Like in the book, I write searching for Tony Lobianco. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) JENNY MCCARTHY, ACTRESS, COMEDIENNE: There were some great times. And I was really surprised by a lot of the responses, and how truthful they were about what goes on in their bedroom. And people are on Facebook looking for their first loves again.


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    Swift has even known the groom, Benjamin La Manna, since kindergarten—she admits to having had a little crush on Ben way back then, when he was “that kid who sat next to me in class with the bowl cut and the Lego lunch box.” Swift hasn’t been to Reading in more than a decade; she was fourteen when she moved with her family to Nashville, on her way to becoming a celebrated country singer-songwriter and later blossoming into one of the biggest pop acts in music history.

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