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I’ve already done my best to add to the dialogue that Korean guys create with their own voices so you know more about them firsthand, dispelling any and all of the Korean pop culture myths about Korean guys that exist.

I’ve also talked about sex, dating and marriage in South Korea, but mainly from the perspective of Korean culture and Korean couples. A poll by NEST (Native English Speaking Teachers) shows the relationship status for foreign male teachers and foreign female teachers in South Korea.

Foreign men tend to be married to a Korean woman first, dating a Korean woman seriously second or simply single third.

Still, I’ve even told you what not to do in South Korea, particularly when it comes to dating and relationships! Sadly, foreign men seem to have better luck in relationships with Korean women than foreign women do in relationships with Korean men.Foreign women tend to be single first, dating or married to someone who is not Korean second and dating a Korean man third.And while you were at it, did you do it in a way that wasn’t the norm for people in your culture? So, language weakness and unfamiliar courting norms put Korean [guys] at a huge disadvantage.2.Unfavorable Sexual Dimorphism — Westerners are bigger than Koreans on average, but on top of that we lug more sweaty [fat] around under our clothes, and that may make us seem less appealing to the Korean palate.


Girls and woman always seem to be confused about Korean guys, and I blame Korean idols and Korean dramas– myths that lead to common misconceptions.So, let’s start with just a few of the many questions, comments and emails that I’ve gotten about Korean guys and Korean dating culture from girls and women all over the world.


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    After winning Rock Of Love, seven time Penthouse Pet Taya Parker did not just ride into the sunset with 80’s rock star Bret Michaels.

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    We need to raise awareness about the fact that chronic pain and chronic illness can strike anyone at any age.

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    The whole thing is framed in opposition to the claims of a pro-online-dating “26-year-old” guy who Greenspun met at a Hanukkah Party (“suspiciously held on Christmas Eve”).

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    The way it calculates this is by find the longest continuous run of similarly-formatted text in each paragraph.

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    She tells Barksdale, who is on his way to her house to confess to her father, that the town already suspects that she is carrying Billy Joe's baby and that it would do no good for Barksdale to confess now.

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    For casual hook ups, Jakovljevic recommends Tinder for straight guys (or Grindr for gay guys).

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    Teenagers are most likely to use terms like DBI but they won't be exclusive users.

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