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This event sponsored mainly by Microsoft gave a select number of lucky individuals the opportunity to work with the Microsoft Holo Lens device. Read More The idea of immersing ourselves deeper into an augmented and or virtual reality has captivated many of us thanks to sci-fi books like Snow Crash and Rainbows End. Actually, very little in VR is new, instead its what happens when things get lighter, faster, cheaper.


For the Lebanese from Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Germany, United Kingdom and United States.

I briefly covered the Holo Lens in a previous post and was… REAL is new and different: an immersive, hands-on,… Read More Did anyone watch the Google IO conference broadcast, or better yet, was there? But more importantly, are you enjoying your cardboard HMD?

Read More (Note, I’m posting this now, but its not done. I have to admit, that caught me by surprise, but very cool!

But the point of the VR glasses is to demonstrate Google’s VR Build Kit. Read More A LOOOONG time ago when I was at UC Berkeley studying computing in Architecture, my focus was on virtual environments.


During my research I was downhearted to find a flaw in what we all thought was the soon approaching golden age of VR.VOR ( Vestibulo-ocular Reflex: explained at the bottom of the post) is…


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