Chat room trade pic and vid


Stock Symbol Display: A search on any symbol brings up that symbol's own page display, including our wave count and trade set-up information for symbols covered in Stock Waves, plus last price and upcoming earnings date.

Works on any Mobile Device: That's right, our room and general site is completely mobile-friendly!

Plus, anyone else who chose to follow that thread (by clicking on the heart icon) will be notified.

Private Message Center: Private messages are timestamped and neatly organized in our message center atop the page, with a number of features, including the ability to pm people offline, minimize chats, load past chat history, and even receive visual and audio alerts of new messages!

Unlimited Scrolling: Old posts don't scroll off the page -- you can simply keep scrolling to find earlier posts.

Your Own Filtered Feed: You can filter the room by analyst, market, section, symbol/keyword, or any combination of search parameters -- with everything else removed!

Customizable Display of Individual Posts: You can have posts cut off automatically after a designated number of lines to adjust how many are viewable at one time in your window.

Newcomers joining us on a free trial access the following services in the room: 1) Avi's Market Alerts, which covers U.

equity indices, along with precious metals, energy and forex (Euro & USD).2) Index & ETF Trade Signals, hosted by Victor, whose signals on the Emini S&P 500, Gold & other indices are generated by an automated system he created based upon a fractal algorithm.

3) Stock Waves, which features wave analysis on individual stocks, including a breakdown of top stocks by sector, by Zac, Garrett, and Larry, who covers mining stocks.

You can post a reply, and the person to whom you're replying will be notified of the unread reply in the message center atop the Trading Room page.

Ability to Keep Old Threads Alive: Old posts aren't simply archived as static information.Plus, you can customize your chart display and your right column display to have new replies appear in ascending or descending order.


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