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There are also some otherwise great climbs that are frustrated by inconveniently placed shrubbery, but such is nature.Camping possibilities abound, this area is sufficiently remote that there are not currently any rules regarding where or when you may camp, though you should be respectful of the locals and mindful of any farmland.Food is about the only thing in plentiful supply - the dhabas all serve decent food at cheap prices.They also have some basic supplies, like matches, soap, packaged snacks, etc.Chatru is not anything more than a series of tea huts that form a road-side stop for passing travelers during the Spring and Summer months when the road is open and the valley is clear of snow.


The man running it is very friendly to climbers, and he will have topos you can look at for the established bouldering, and anything else subsequent parties have seen fit to leave for future climbers.

A good spot for camping is immediately across the river from the tea huts (dhabas).

There are also some small caves in the area that provide good shelter.

This area was first developed by a British fellow (his name escapes me) who recognized it's potential for bouldering, and as such the majority of established (I use that term loosely) climbing is bouldering, mostly in the higher grades, and of very good quality.

Besides bouldering, the mountains surrounding the valley offer an opportunity for new routing by serious mountaineers or bigwallers.

During June the weather was mild - warm days and chilly nights.


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