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As for their extra box, most of the boxes they do within their package just give you the basic free to air channels, if you want to have the Sky channels on it you need to pay a much higher rate.Chat start time Mar 19, 2015 AM EST Chat end time Mar 19, 2015 AM EST Duration (actual chatting time) Operator Rachael info: Please wait for a Sky Advisor to respond.Your chat may be monitored and recorded for training, legal and compliance purposes.It turns out it’s not so easy to cancel your Sky subscription.At least it wasn’t for Gavin Hackwood, who spent more than an hour trying to end his union with the satellite broadcaster only to find he couldn’t in the end.Rachael: I am sorry to hear that, what has brought you to this decision today? Rachael: As you can see my name is Rachael and I will certainly be able to help you. You: I’m currently in work, so I would rather just place the cancellation request please.

They are offering 2 boxes and the broadband with all channels (not premium channels) for £57 per month.Rachael: Ok, but their package that gives you all the channels is still not the same as all of the channels that you get with Sky, so it is cheaper, but as I said, it is cheaper because it is a lot more limited than the package that you get with Sky, so you would lose out on a lot of the channels that you are used to.


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