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They’d been strangers back home, but here in this bustling airport, the family and young man were linked by a temporary kinship: They were all Muslim Afghan refugees waiting for a stranger to pick them up in a strange country. He’d become an expert at finding fresh refugees in an airport crowd: This was at least his 50th time doing so. I work for a nonprofit Christian organization called Voice of Refugees that helps any refugees in need.He knew exactly what they were thinking and feeling, and understood how overwhelming and terrifying it is to arrive in a new country with an armful of bundles and heart full of uncertainties. He bought everybody coffee, juice, and potato chips, and then walked them out of the chaotic airport as leisurely as through a botanical garden. We’re not your assigned resettlement agency, but we sometimes give refugees rides.In Southern California, one of the top resettlement regions, many Christians are viewing refugees and asylum seekers as an opportunity, not a burden.


Cheaney / Andrée Seu Peterson / Marvin Olasky Money / Lifestyle / Technology Movies / Music / Q&A / Books / Children's Books Human Race / Quotables / Quick Takes / News ANAHEIM, Calif.—They looked lost and haggard at the Los Angeles airport terminal, watching human traffic zigzag in all directions.

It had been a long flight from Afghanistan via Saudi Arabia for the family of five and the 25-year-old bachelor.

We do this with love, we do this in Jesus’ name.” The two men grasped Benosh’s hand with both hands and thanked him profusely.

The wife silently nodded, while her son and two toddler daughters peered curiously about with wide eyes. ” The world is facing its worst refugee crisis on record, according to the United Nations, with the scale of global forced displacement “clearly dwarfing anything seen before.” Last year alone, armed conflicts or persecution uprooted 13.9 million people—driving 11 million from their towns and 2.9 million across national borders.

Impoverished Africans have resorted to paying smugglers to sail them secretly to Europe.

Rohingya migrants have packed into boats to flee discrimination in Myanmar and Bangladesh.


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