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Super_Wyndfal: *answers it*Super_Wyndfal: Do you get turned on when Mario jumps on koopas? ages ago STILL_not_a_succ: i was never a fan of mario Efram: mario is not my cup of tea either Super_Wyndfal: but Luigi is Efram: oh yes he is STILL_not_a_succ: luigi board Efram: guess he does spend a lot of time with ghosties Chat Bot: STILL_not_a_succ is now known as (DRAGON_Mage). Super_Wyndfal: I was pointing at Efram ofc Super_Wyndfal: oh Efram: just noticed you were still talking in the shoutbox...woops Super_Wyndfal: I am multitasking(DRAGON_Mage): Efram Efram: Yes? Super_Wyndfal: she wants to skype with you(DRAGON_Mage): wat?! Super_Wyndfal: your kao Efram: alright alright what was that site to upload pics? Efram: Why thank you Chat Bot: Super_Wyndfal logs into the Chat. Compared to others at least Super_Wyndfal: Juggle human skulls(DRAGON_Mage): wow...

idk Efram: wat...(DRAGON_Mage): *silence*Super_Wyndfal: have some tea Super_Wyndfal: here's the thing Efram: what did you want to tell me Wynd..? Super_Wyndfal: I thought it was about this Efram: It's okay dragon mage! Efram: *hurt feelings all over*(DRAGON_Mage): aw im sorry I'm just shy thats all Efram: nono it's fine was just joking(DRAGON_Mage): btw I have no idea what you look like Super_Wyndfal: then what did you think I had forgotten? Efram: I look like a hobo(DRAGON_Mage): idk Super_Wyndfal: show her Efram: my pokemon cards!? (DRAGON_Mage): b*tch please (in reply to Wyndfal)Efram: oh dayum! (DRAGON_Mage): DAMN i with i could draw like that(DRAGON_Mage): haha Chat Bot: Super_Wyndfal has been logged out (Invalid IP address).

Super_Wyndfal: Chat Bot: Super_Wyndfal has been logged out (Invalid IP address). Super_Wyndfal: hoho, there's still Ferdk and Judedeath around (DRAGON_Mage): Midori Tatsu? *No one says anything for a little while*(DRAGON_Mage): ... (DRAGON_Mage): "Foxys commin for dat booty"Efram: swigitty swooty I'm coming for that booty(DRAGON_Mage): i think this is the part where I slowly loose my mind Efram: Super_Wyndfal: I'm sooo tempted to say one of my lines now! Efram: wb Super_Wyndfal: tysm Super_Wyndfal: I have a theory Efram: get it peered review Efram: win nobel prize Super_Wyndfal: do you like it? thought i don't understand most of the words(DRAGON_Mage): i saw a lot of angel beats Efram: Angel (DRAGON_Mage): Efram: Guessing Angel Beats is your favorite anime? I havent seen a lot of animes Super_Wyndfal: wanna hear sth funny?

Chat Bot: Super_Wyndfal logs into the Chat.(DRAGON_Mage): omg... I WONSuper_Wyndfal: Just ignore him.(DRAGON_Mage): who? Super_Wyndfal: and yes, I meant him Efram: ..Efram: But none can beat... Efram: rly hope the picture doesn't crash Wynd... And Wynd was probably lagging(DRAGON_Mage): tension meter Super_Wyndfal: Guys what happened?! (DRAGON_Mage): I started watching that again recently Efram: oh you should check out Charlotte! Efram: yes Super_Wyndfal: dont tell Efram your favorite animes Efram: Why not? Sun: it seems like you were talking about anime ...

Efram: GAO~Super_Wyndfal: Sorry, Reives isn't here Efram: ..right Super_Wyndfal: Soooooo Super_Wyndfal: you... Super_Wyndfal: stumble on me Efram: Hiya STILL_not_a_succ: my name doesn't even fin STILL_not_a_succ: *fit Super_Wyndfal: fin is also correct Super_Wyndfal: in Italian STILL_not_a_succ: do I look like I have a mustach to you? You and your skulls might as well leave this place or I'll have to get your own skull out of your silly head!

Efram: just sorta stumbled here Chat Bot: STILL_not_a_succ logs into the Chat. Super_Wyndfal: foresee future Efram: Wynd shall get naked~ I HAVE FORETOLD IT(DRAGON_Mage): you will become a waiter in the Freebirdian tavern(DRAGON_Mage): *inn Super_Wyndfal: if I get naked you will go down with me! Super_Wyndfal: Dragon Mage has better internet that I do(DRAGON_Mage): how do you know? i have powers to log other people out(DRAGON_Mage): oh yeah and I've tried to juggle those(DRAGON_Mage): i can do anything but the skulls for some reason Efram: Now listen here pretty boy!

Super_Wyndfal: juggle Eframs(DRAGON_Mage): now that i can do Efram: A-are you going to juggle me?

Chat Bot: Super_Wyndfal has been logged out (Invalid IP address).


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