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Clarkson has earned £10.24m in dividends from the arrangement over five years.On Tuesday as BBC Wordwide published its annual report for the twelve months to the end of March, it revealed that Wilman received £5.6m for his Bedder Six stake.Bedder Six also paid an £8.1m dividend for the year to the end of March, split sixty-forty between the duo.

All this according to a spectacularly ignorant, shit-stirring, spiteful, judgmental and scummishly trite article from some middle-class hippie Communist louse of no importance at the Gruniad Morning Star. Yer man Clarkson reportedly received a £4.86m dividend payment from the company he set up some years ago as a joint venture with the BBC to exploit Top Gear's global commercial potential, in addition to his presenter's salary, understood to be just under one million smackers.

He received an additional £8.4m for his thirty per cent stake in Bedder Six, after the BBC struck a deal in September to take full control of the company, bringing Clarkson's total earnings for the year to the end of March to more than fourteen million notes.

'Only his presenting fee is paid for out of the licence fee' the louse at the Gruniad notes, rather disappointedly.

So, in other - slightly less prejudicial - words, a businessman who is the director of a company set up to exploit the commercial rights of product of his own devising (along with partner Andy Wilman) has become one of the few things in Britain currently making a profit. BBC Worldwide, the corporation's commercial arm, went into partnership with Clarkson and Top Gear executive producer Wilman – who had a twenty per cent stake in Bedder Six – in 2008, channelling revenues from the global exploitation of the brand through the company.

It does not reflect the opinion of any other individual or organization including the 83rd District Attorney's Office or Pecos, Brewster, Presidio or Jeff Davis Counties. Monday a Comal County jury will hear evidence in the penalty phase of the case against Joel D.

James, 47, found guilty Friday of repeatedly molesting a girl, now 14.


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