Been to Manila & it is a terrible place with horrendous traffic jams.The islands might be pretty place to visit but security might be a problem with the Abu Sayyaf kidnapping people.Just about everyone has a Facebook account, a mobile phone linked to a Twitter feed and a Skype account to video chat Pinoy relatives from abroad.We have all amassed our friends and followers via one connected social culture and for viewers who always want to stay in the know, CNN Konek keeps you wired to the news of the world at the touch of a fingertip.Personal safety has always been a problem in the Philippines.I remember visiting a client there who went around with a body guard Manila is a cowboy town with easy access to guns.It is owned and operated by the ABC Development Corporation, solely owned by Media Quest Holdings, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of the beneficial trust fund of the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company headed by business tycoon Manuel V. Sports5also features player and team profiles and statistics across multiple sports and has online shows catered to the sports aficionado.


I'm not a criminal but don't forget what happened to some Hongkies tourists who were visiting Manila.

) Tribo is one of the most respected Filipino sites on the Internet.

Netradio features today's hottest music talents like Parokya ni Edgar, Eraserheads and Rivermaya, bringing their albums to the Internet in Real Audio format. is the home of the web sites of some of the top Philippine showbiz personalities. This content-rich site features news, Filipiniana, and online libraries of various educational material such as theses, papers and dissertations.

[email protected] are abuzz with the latest discussions on news, events and gossip in the Philippine music industry. Tatak is the first true E-commerce site in the Philippines, with secure online credit card payment and online ordering system.

The weekly public affairs show takes off from CNN International’s program Connect the World which takes viewers on a sweeping journey across continents and analyzes how the world's headlines are affecting Filipino lives.TV5 (formerly known as ABC 5) is a major Filipino commercial television network based in Novaliches, Quezon City, Philippines. It is the first official local sports website to livestream PBA, NCAA games and other sporting events, as well as video on demand, all on HD format.


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    The beauties had to teach a 5th grade class either science, mathematics, history or geography.

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    [Read: How to seduce a friend into having sex with you] To many, this kind of a relationship may seem blasphemous or just wrong, but in reality, many people are indulging in this kind of a relationship all the time.

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    A transcript in the Telegraph showed Hackwood’s frustration after he was continuously stalled by one of Sky’s operatives, Rachael, while talking to her online.

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    If the old chat is down - many will migrate to the sex chat space system.

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    Naturally, we got to know one another at a deeper level and discovered how perfect we were together.

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    No Title - Contact: Manager, Copyrights and Permissions / IEEE Service Center / 445 Hoes Lane / P.

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