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Teenage volunteering is fantastic way to make new friends, see the world, and participate in unique and incredible community service initiatives.

Join Go Eco on fantastic programs around the globe, all organized to accomodate teenagers.

We transfer information from one to the other by convincing our brains that facts in the short-term memory are valuable enough to be put in long-term storage - otherwise, the information is discarded.

Speaking is a way of expressing ourselves in whatever language we use.

Teenage volunteering abroad is also a great way to cultivate the foreign language you are studying in school, meet incredible people, and of course do your part to give back to less-fortunate communities abroad.

Getting teenagers to use English in class can provide a considerable challenge to most teachers.

The most motivating language to learn therefore enables us to talk in a way that is true to our personality.Even the best coursebook cannot provide this resource for every individual in every class!


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    28 lipca w czstochowskim Ratuszu odbyy si obchody 67. Uroczysto rozpocz krtkim przemwieniem prezydent miasta Krzysztof Matyjaszczyk.

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