Chelsea handler admits dating 50 cent rachel and hayden dating


In a recent interview with CNN's Piers Morgan, Handler seemed to be truthful in clarifying things between the two. She says he's "sweet." "He's the complete antithesis of what you would imagine him to be.

He's sweet, funny, he's got a great sense of humor," she said.

Handler finally confirmed the romance last year during an interview on Piers Morgan's CNN show, but they split shortly after.

Now, the comedienne has revealed the pair never spoke again after she hung up on him at work when he called to warn her she was set to chat with one of his ex-girlfriends. Online, "We dated for a couple months and then we had a falling out.

Last year, comedian Chelsea Handler and 50 Cent teased the media about a rumored relationship between them.

However, no one really knew if it was a joke, or serious.


Well, Handler recently admitted that she and 50 did, in fact, date, but very briefly.

The pair were first spotted together in a New Orleans club last summer, and fueled rumors by posting pictures together and flirting with one another on Twitter. I was just sampling, kind of, the atmosphere, seeing what was out there." Handler continued, saying the image 50 portrays to the public is far from how he really is on a personal level.


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