Chely wright brad paisley dating

The musician recently said: Tags: baby blabber, baby bump watch, chely wright, country, identical, lauren blitzer wright, pregnancy talk, pregnant, singer, twins Kim Kardashian wasn't the only one to get married this weekend!

On hand, knowing exactly what was going on, was the events celebrity organizer, Linda Perry, joined by some particularly fabulous faces like Cyndi Lauper, Juliette Lewis and Chely Wright, who brought her girlfriend! Some others who were in attendance included Hooray! Country singing star Chely Wright only came out a few months ago, but we're happy to report that she has found love and that she's now engaged!

This, of course, only made Chely feel worse, and she writes "I was hoping I would fall out of favor with him.

No such luck." What an awful situation for both of them. We hope Brad can learn to understand what Chely was going through was neither his nor her fault, and he can come to forgive her for the heartbreak! On Wednesday morning, the liberal celeb took to Facebook to share her video reaction to the upsetting outcome of Tuesday's vote.

Like half the country right now, Smilez was visibly devastated to learn Hillary Clinton had lost the Presidential election to Donald Trump, and couldn't stop crying throughout the emotional clip.

; born October 25, 1970) is an American country music singer and gay rights activist.

Her rep broke the happy news just moments ago, saying: "Out country singer Chely Wright and her fiancée, Lauren Blitzer, a GLBT Civil Rights activist have set a date and plan to be married in Connecticut Aug. They met through their youth advocacy work, and say that their passion for Scrabble holds them together." Back in May, country singer Chely Wright made the brave move to come out, making her the first "out" lesbian in the country music world.

Now, during an interview, Chely has commented on how coming out has unfortunately hurt her album sales.


Here's what she had to say about it: "It didn’t help my career. If it appears from the outside in that it’s helped my career, it could be because I haven’t talked about the negative.You won’t hear me bitching and moaning on my Facebook about the hate mail I’ve gotten. I get nasty letters every day, 'I’m through with you Chely Wright, you’re going to hell.' There’s a big difference between press and advocacy and….sometimes people forget that people who sing or make movies, this isn’t just a hobby for us. In coming out I had a feeling that it would diminish my wage earning, and that feeling was correct.And, I am fine with that." Wright explains how although she did love her ex, she "was not in love with him," and would cry "during those moments of physical intimacy." Paisley was apparently so serious about his relationship with her that he had marriage in mind!

Chely Wright and her wife Lauren Blitzer-Wright were trying to keep the gender of their identical twins a secret, but Howard Bragman gave the preggers lady french fries, and all hell broke loose! Both of the blushing brides wore white wedding gowns, but nixed the idea of wearing veils because Tags: bbq, chely wright, i dos, lauren blitzer, married, rabbi, reverend, wedding benefit for The L. Gay and Lesbian Center at The Beverly Hilton Hotel.

In the meanwhile, check out the interview (above) where the pregnant lady let the cat out of the bag!!! Tags: blabber, boys, chely wright, family, identical, pregnancy, twin She's little bit country, and a lot of pregnant! Her and her wife Lauren Blitzer-Wright are expecting identical twins! Country singer Chely Wright married her partner Lauren Blitzer in a family member's home in Connecticut on Saturday.


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