Chemistry speed dating events sprung dating game help

Although you may be nervous with the first few speed dates, by date number 4 or 5 you should start feeling much more confident and relaxed. Perhaps there are people at the dating event who may be too old or young for.

At Thai Speed Dating, however, we set age groups and you can choose which one you are most interested in for example 25-35 years old.

The other issue is that there are so many people and in general they are of quite low quality. Conclusion: Although a great, easy and cheap method to meet hundreds of new people, the cost and time required to meet up with all those people who you may have no chemistry with is too much.


which is the best at helping you find a future boyfriend/girlfriend? I personally used many online dating websites such as Date In and Thai and even though I had some success it was very tedious and most dates turned out to be disappointing.

Pros The great think about online dating is that it’s convenient.


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