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Russian #Next Gen star Karen Khachanov and 17-year-old Norwegian Casper Ruud, in China for the Chengdu Open, visited one of Chengdu’s unique attractions, Kuanzhai Alley, which translates as Wide and Narrow Alley, on Monday.

Located in one of the oldest parts of Chengdu, dating back to the Qing Dynasty, Kuanzhai Alley offers a unique glimpse into the architecture at the time.

Combining martial arts with technical ability, this unique practice was created as a form of entertainment in local tea houses many hundreds of years ago. It's pretty special to be able to experience the cultures of such an old country like China,” said Millman.

Song Joong-Ki's agency, Blossom Entertainment, has refuted reports that the Hallyu star reportedly chartered a private jet for Song Hye-Kyo, after the former held his fan meeting in Chengdu, China, on June 17.

Recently, a Taiwan news outlet has misreported that Joong-Ki specially provided a private plane for his co-star's arrival and departure from the said country.

The reports claimed that the on-screen couple left Chengdu, China by a private plane together.

The two visited the historic Wenshu Monastery, located in the centre of Chengdu city.


"The private plane was a special gift by the organizers and sponsors who was in charge of the fan meeting in China, which was meant for Song Hye Kyo," a representative from Blossom Entertainment told MBN, as translated by Twitter's Song Joong Ki_SG."We are not aware of the fact that Song Joong Ki had provided a private plane for Song Hye Kyo." Joong-Ki had successfully concluded his seventh fan meeting in the southwestern Chinese city of Chengdu on June 17, Friday, with more than 6,500 local fans in attendance.The players tried some of the city’s most popular snacks, while being entertained by a traditionally attired Sichuan opera performer.Tea For Two In Chengdu On Sunday morning, ATP World Tour players Kevin Anderson of South Africa and John Millman of Australia also took time to experience the Chengdu culture.

Much to the fan's excitement and big cheers, a photo of the reportedly private plane was widely circulated on Facebook.However, not long after the news made clamor in the online world, Blossom Entertainment then expressed earlier today that the plane was not chartered by Joong-Ki, but rather by the event organizers.


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