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More weather definitions » Wind is the horizontal movement of air in relation to the earth's surface.We do not require registration, verification and our website is absolutely free and anonymous.

Including surrounding areas of Bloomington, Twin Grove, Hudson, Danvers, Downs, Lexington, Heyworth, El Paso, Le Roy, Gridley, Minier, Mackinaw, Colfax, Eureka, Chenoa, Atlanta, Roanoke, Et Taiyiba, Washington, Clinton, Morton, Flanagan, Farmer City, Tremont, Metamora, Minonk, Fairbury, Delavan, Germantown Hills, Pontiac, Lincoln, Washburn, Marquette Heights, there are over 3,697 members and growing every day.2){ is Valid Postal Code Zip Code_On Search Box(this.value); get Location Results Change City('citylist','text_content','en','weather','web');}" name="text_content" id="text_content" type="text" value="Enter a location or postal code" style="font-size:11px; width:180px;" A){G=Math.round((C/2)-(A/2))}window.twttr.share' ref=twitter Share Btn_weather_EN&text=Chenoa : '+current Temp+get Degree Sign()+unit+', '+strip Vowel Accent(condesc)+' - '+'&via=weathernetwork','','left='+H+',top='+G+',width='+D+',height='+A+',personalbar=0,toolbar=0,scrollbars=1,resizable=1'); E=F.create Element('script'); E.src='Search for live webcams from Illinois Cam including Normal and nearby cities, Bloomington (2 miles), Twin Grove (5 miles), Hudson (6 miles), Danvers (9 miles), Downs (10 miles), Lexington (13 miles), Heyworth (13 miles), El Paso (15 miles), Le Roy (16 miles), Gridley (16 miles), Minier (17 miles), Mackinaw (19 miles), Colfax (19 miles), Eureka (20 miles), Chenoa (21 miles), Atlanta (21 miles), Roanoke (22 miles), Et Taiyiba (22 miles), Washington (25 miles), Clinton (24 miles), Morton (25 miles), Flanagan (26 miles), Farmer City (26 miles), Tremont (26 miles), Metamora (27 miles), Minonk (27 miles), Fairbury (29 miles), Delavan (30 miles), Germantown Hills (30 miles), Pontiac (31 miles), Lincoln (32 miles), Washburn (32 miles), Marquette Heights (32 miles).Signup below for free webcams Normal or browse Illinois Cam for more cities.


The air temperature is measured in degrees Celsius and is rounded to the nearest degree.

The daytime maximum and nighttime minimum temperatures that a forecaster expects are often expressed as a range.


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    The first piece came from Page Six and it was all about how Muir has been nicknamed because people who work in TV journalism are great at nicknames.

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