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Travis Tritt's 2002 album Strong Enough features a song titled "Strong Enough to be Your Man" and was written as a reply to Crow's original song.

A similar tension arose with TNMC member Bill Bottrell after her second album, on which he collaborated during the early stages. The guys and I contributed writing and lyrics, including some personal things.

In February 2008, Bottrell said, "The truth is hard to describe, but it lies between what all the people were shouting. However, the sound was the sound that I developed".

However, this was said while promoting their most current work together and contradicts most previous statements by him including those in Richard Buskin's highly detailed book about the situation.

Bottrell in earlier times had said Crow was given the second-largest portion of the publishing splits on the album in order to motivate her to work hard, as she still had to pay the very large debt from her unreleasable real first record, publishing being the only way she was likely to earn any money from her new record.

The group existed as a casual songwriting collective prior to its association with Crow, but rapidly developed into a vehicle for her debut album after her arrival (she was at the time dating Kevin Gilbert, who actually co-wrote most of the songs for this album along with Crow, Baerwald, Ricketts, Bottrell, Schwartz and Mac Leod).

Her relationship with Gilbert became acrimonious soon after the album release and there were disputes about songwriting credits.

In interviews later, Crow claimed to have written them.

Tuesday Night Music Club is the debut solo album from American singer/songwriter Sheryl Crow, released on August 3, 1993.

The lead single "Run Baby Run" was not particularly successful.

Tuesday Night Music Club went on to sell some 7.6 million copies in the US and UK during the 1990s.

The album also won Crow three Grammy Awards in 1995: Record of the Year, Best New Artist and Best Female Vocal Performance.

However, the album gained attention after the success of the third single, "All I Wanna Do," based on the Wyn Cooper poem "Fun" and co-written by David Baerwald, Bill Bottrell, Sheryl Crow, and Kevin Gilbert.The single eventually reached number two on the Billboard Hot 100, propelling the album to number three in the US Billboard 200 album charts, selling over 5.3 million units there as of January 2008.


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