Chloe green dating ollie and spencer

I think people can see that which is why they have been so incredible. I never regret anything in life, because you do what you do at the time for a reason. Sometimes it’s hard, really hard, but we knew what we were getting into. I have been the one to stand up and say, “Yes this is real”, because what I went through is real. I went on the show thinking I would just be the fun, ridiculous one, but then I realised I actually needed to go through some things. I don’t take myself seriously at all, I just want to have a lovely time and make people laugh and that’s all my life consists of. I just want to have fun and fall in love and have a lovely time. If you have 16 people in a room there is always going to be clashes. There are people I don’t really like but we’re all doing a TV show so you expect that.




Spence was smitten, and there was nothing Funda could do to change what he, the cast, and everyone but Caggie believed was fated.

But all was not rosy following Funda’s unfair dismissal as Miss Dunlop continued to give poor Spencer the cold shoulder.


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