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we lov a good rod run I'd lov to hear back from you!

Stephanie generally falls for "boys with tattoos and big-ass guns," but as for spare time she's quick to say: "Welcome to Red Jacket, we don't have spare time." She does, however, manage to squeeze in a few vacations and likes to rock climb, horseback ride, write and take photographs.

Stephanie Hayden in "Sons of Guns" 'Sons of Guns' Season 3 Rises to the Challenge — Premiering Wednesday, December 7, the new season of the action-packed Discovery Channel series kicks off with the Red Jacket Firearms crew arming a sheriff's patrol boat to protect the gulf coast. "Sons of Guns" scene 'Sons of Guns' Season 2 Explodes with Action — Premiering Wednesday, July 13, the sophomore season will see the crew at Red Jacket Firearms taking on some of their toughest challenges yet. Hey it's mike dudas please write back iam 14 year boy love your show I have a learning disaplbty and one hart surgery when I was a little boy please write back thank you can u have your number I need some friends to talk to I have no friend no one likes me thank you please replay Steph I'm exceedingly proud of you. But you are a magnificent lady who can handle her own personnal business while at the same time manage Red Jacket and maintain it to the highest standards.



Stephanie Hayden ("Sons of Guns") grew up learning about hunting and the outdoors from her dad Will Hayden.

For her 18th birthday, Will made her his partner and the business manager for Red Jacket weapons shop in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.


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