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How are single, Christian guys supposed to handle this issue in a Christ-like manner?So instead of us just hearing what we are not supposed to do, it would be nice to hear how we can fill that seeming void that exists when we do the right thing.I could give you the standard "flee temptation/be pure" answer and leave it at that, but it wouldn't do you much good.


This in no way justifies the act, and guilt always follows.

I may be the only one that thinks that, but I guess I'm hoping that I'm not.

I think this unfortunately dives into the problem with porn in the Christian church today.

Although I am not trying to condone it in any way, I'm sure that many times pornography turns into the coping mechanism for the lack of physical intimacy in Christian, single men.

If this issue was tackled by a brave soul, it would be nice to hear it coming from a positive standpoint of godly ways to fulfill that desire as opposed to an article coming down on the graveness of pornography and uncontrolled flirting.We've received numerous variations on this same question, and I have much to say about it — too much for one response — but let's at least get started.


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