Christian dating after 40

I can summarize all of them with one experience I had while visiting some friends.

The visit was going quite well until their 6-year-old daughter whispered all too loudly to her mom, "Is he married?

" She replied, "No." The little girl proclaimed loudly, "That's odd!

" It is one thing for little girls to speculate; it is another when significant people in our lives do the same.

It is a creational and cultural norm, but it is not and cannot be an ultimate personal goal.


The stereotype is confirmed — a seemingly quality, single, adult, heterosexual man is a blight on society. If the man is a Christian, the speculation can really ramp up.As I was single into my 40s and a senior pastor as well, I am very familiar with the bewildered looks and awkward coughs as my single status was discovered.This often creates crises of faith and identity and leads to painfully difficult questions.What if God has given the desire for marriage but has not providentially given the green light to marry? What if you are "normal" while those around you suspect issues?


Hollywood has made a lot of money portraying women pining for marriage but not finding love. Woman desperately tries to woo man, but man has too many issues.

Man wants different woman while blind to the wonderful woman already in his life.


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