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” Ephesians is the familiar verse: “Wives, submit to your own husbands as to the Lord.” The remainder of the page explains, Bible verse by Bible verse, how BDSM can be part of a Christian marriage.

I hit the jackpot: The search engine returned more than 65,000 results.In other instances, the Bible actually mentions an activity in a desirable way (mostly in poetic form in the “Song of Solomon”).We would counsel against couples living the wife dominant/husband submissive roles ‘24/7,’ as this could lead to spiritual confusion.” Other articles at include: “Anal sex and God’s Will”; “Oral sex and God’s Will” (in which an eloquent case is made for swallowing); “Fisting and God’s Will”; “Masturbation—God’s Great Gift To Us”; “Threesomes Within a Christian Marriage”; and several more.In some instances, the Bible doesn’t mention the activity (and therefore doesn’t prohibit it).

The article makes the point, however, that some devious, deceitful, and repressive things are going on underneath the surface. Well, your humble columnist asked himself, I wonder if anyone is equating BDSM with Christianity?

No, of course not, I replied to myself—look at all the Christian groups that for years have been trying to shut down BDSM events.


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