Christian dating site username ideas


Take for example, “Skiing Enthusiast.” If someone else loves to ski, it’s an invitation to ask you where your favorite ski spot is or if you’re a blue-intermediate skier or at the black-diamond level.

If your favorite screen name is unavailable, try adding the city, state or zip code to the end of it.

Screen names such as “Skiing Loverin NY” or “Yoga Lady90210” are still catchy.

Having a catchy screen name invites someone into your world.

This can make your profile look like more like a library card instead of someone whose personality should be shining.

Just like a great magazine headline, in order to grab his or her attention, you need an eye-catching screen name for your dating profile.

Some online dating sites allow you to select your own screen name, subject to availability.

Others use your first name or the site comes up with a computer-generated user name, along with a long series of numbers.


I’ve often used variations of a song title as a catchy screen name. Because it adds personality to your profile and invites someone who shares your passion for music to stop and take a digital peek.

Don’t be surprised if he or she fills in the blanks with the second line of the song.


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    As a 28-year-old, Christian, single guy, I've heard this message preached countless number of times: I need to honor the girls in my life and treat them with respect. " Although I am very secure in myself and thoroughly enjoy the stage of life I am in, physical intimacy is one of the areas that seems ... On top of that it's our strong desire to give them the respect that they deserve.

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