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Minister for Veterans’ Affairs Dan Tehan today announced the Department of Veterans’ Affairs had released a mobile-friendly version of its wound care management resource.

“The wound care management resource contains information about the identification and treatment of wounds and is a valuable resource to medical practitioners and the health community,” Mr Tehan said.

“By training for the difficult aspects we become better prepared for a coordinated response under a broader range of possibilities.” The scenario will call for military assistance including a non-combatant evacuation operation followed by stability and security operations.

Exercise Croix Du Sud Southern Cross 2016 includes troop contributions from France (New Caledonia and French Polynesia), Australia, Canada, Chile, Fiji, Japan, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Tonga, United Kingdom, United States and Vanuatu.

“Croix Du Sud allows us to deal with the responses that may be required when the security situation is complex following a disaster,” he said.

“We are well experienced with supplying aid and disaster recovery forces to the region; this exercise will allow us to train as a multinational force dealing with non-combatant evacuation and security operations.

“This resource is part of the Government’s commitment to improving the health and medical treatment of all Australians.

Running until 18 November, Exercise Croix Du Sud Southern Cross is the largest humanitarian assistance and disaster relief (HADR) training exercise in the South Pacific.

Mr Tehan said the release of the new resource coincided with the inaugural Wounds Australia (formerly the Australian Wound Management Association) National Conference in Melbourne, 9–12 November 2016. Minister for Veterans' Affairs Soldier On BBQ raises funds for veterans 8 Nov 16 (7 Nov 16) Minister for Veterans’ Affairs Dan Tehan today praised the contribution of Australia’s ex-service organisations as he attended a BBQ hosted by Soldier On to raise funds for veterans.

Led by the French Armed Forces of New Caledonia (FANC), Croix Du Sud is held every two years as part of France’s engagement in the region and assists all participants to prepare for major HADR operations.

The Commander of the Australian Contingent, Lieutenant Colonel Paul Manoel, said the exercise tackles the more difficult areas of disaster response.


One hundred and twelve Australian personnel will participate including a Company-minus team of Infantry from the 2nd Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment (2RAR), a Royal Australian Air Force C-130J Hercules transport aircraft and two KA350 King Air tactical utility aircraft, along with supporting and headquarters personnel.Defence News and Media New mobile resource for wound care 10 Nov 16 (9 Nov 16) The Government has released updated treatment information for wounds in innovative new formats to improve the healthcare of Australians.


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