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Granted this can happen but in the main, most relationships where one partner is a Christian believer and one isnt fail after a lot of time and effort goes has been expended - often it's the Christian that's left in the worst state since with us - the world is NOT our oyster and it is practically more difficult to find real love with a real Christian as there simply arn't so many of us around!These are hardly lonely, disconnected people who simply cannot find a spouse.



There are many people looking for love online and on the Internet using online dating personals (there are literally 100's of sites out there - 99% secular owned) but often Christians can find that fiding that special someone can be very difficult - more akin to finding a needle in a haystack!

Many people can recount the heartbreak they have felt by getting too deeply involved with someone who doesn't share their Christian beliefs - all the time hoping that the person would 'change'.

Yes, I'm talking about self-marriage, complete with marriage ceremony, commitment papers, and vows.

A recent CNN article points to a segment of single people who are choosing to "marry themselves" rather than another person.

It's no secret that marriage is on the decline in the United States.The most recent Census revealed that 32 million Americans are now in single households, and that married people are no longer the majority.


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