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Over its one-hundred and one years of operation, the penitentiary received more than 13,000 convicts, with a maximum population of a little over six-hundred. Two famous inmates were Harry Orchard and s Lady Bluebeard for killing several of her husbands to collect upon their life insurance.Two serious riots occurred in 19 over living conditions in the prison.The 416 resident inmates were moved to a modern penitentiary south of In 1992, the Idaho State Historical Society recorded oral history interviews with fifteen former prison guards.These tapes and transcripts cover prison operations and remembrances from the 1950s to the closing of the prison.From its beginnings as a single cell house, the penitentiary grew to a complex of several distinctive buildings surrounded by a high sandstone wall.The stone was quarried from the nearby ridges by the resident convicts, who also completed all the later construction.Ballard asked for protection from federal troops stationed at Construction began on the Idaho Territorial Prison in 1870 and was completed by 1872.The prison was in use by the territory, then the state until 1973.



The Territorial Prison was completed in 1872 and received its first 11 inmates from the Boise County Jail.

This building was converted into a Chapel in the 1930s and was destroyed by fire in the 1973 riot.


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