Christina hendricks dating boyfriend


Three years after their 2009 wedding, Hendricks said married life has been "as beautiful as I could have imagined."“I feel I’ve grown closer to him and we’re sharing so much every day in terms of how we feel and how we see our lives moving forward together," she said.

“I’m more aware now of making sure silly things never cause problems between us and being very protective of our time with each other.”Hendricks revealed to Cosmopolitan in 2012 that she "freaked him out a bit" when she told him, "You make me want to have a family" on their first date.

Although she is one of the most desirable actresses in the entertainment industry, her heart belongs to Geoffrey Arend who is known not only as Christina Hendricks boyfriend but also her husband.

In one of her interviews Christina Hendricks stated that when she first met Geoffrey Arend, she surprised him by her honesty and direct saying that she wanted babies.

The actress also confessed that in the same night when she got back home she typed his name into Google to find more information about him.


But she didn't scare him off -- the couple married at Il Buco restaurant in New York City in October 2009.

Geoffrey Arend is mostly remembered to the public as an actor from the movie called “500 Days of Summer”.


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