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“There are very few women who are able to write the big checks, and even fewer who invest specifically in women candidates.

That’s why I’m doing everything I can to create a new girls’ network.” Continue Reading Laura Ricketts, who is one of the top female donors so far this cycle, said she has tried to get women to give for the past decade-plus with little success.


“It is a bigger investment, and I think that at times it can be short-sighted to make what feels like just the easier path to bringing in the dollars when in fact there is that giving capacity,” Loos Cutraro said. More than half of the top 20 women have already given more than, or are on track to exceed, their total contributions during the 2012 election, when only 11 women made it onto the list of top 100 overall donors.

In part, more women are giving because the face of business is slowly beginning to change.


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