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So I've been on this site for quite some time and have gone through several phases on here (as you can see) I've left a few throwback fics in my favorites for fun haha (My pen name is definitely a Gossip Girl reference ha)!

But as you can see my current favorites are fan fic but you never know! *I do not own the characters.*What would happen if Ana had said No to his marriage proposal? Christian Grey, attends a Halloween party at the insistence of his brother. After a steamy encounter they're suddenly torn apart from each other.

A turn of events will thrust him into an unlikely adventure he never thought he'd encounter.

Multiple POV/AU/OOC *I do not own the FSo G characters*Ana is the only witness to an accident Christian is involved in and ends up kidnapped along with him. Which causes Christian to hide his secret from everyone to protect the one he loves, and find revenge for the one that almost cost him everything. Scenes from Christian's perspective that take place immediately following Fifty Shades of Grey and move into Fifty Shades Darker.

What will they go through during their time captured together and do they have any hope of having a relationship afterwards. I stick close to the story and characters EL James created, but take liberties with situations and dialogue. I just love getting into the mind of Grey and making him fun.

Ana is 15, almost 16 when she starts working as an Summer Intern at GEH. A politician (Christian Grey) meets a girl (Ana)who has no idea who he is or what he is capable of. Characters personalities are different from original Fifty Shades. Ana and Christian meet in college, he whisks her away to Seattle and she stands by his side as he builds up the business. No one has won the Presidency, in a long time, without a spouse. But when an unexpected "fixer" comes into his life, things change.

My take on Episode 1X06Fresh off graduation from WSU, Ana decided to accept a secretarial assistant job at GEH in order to pay her rent. Christian is still the same jealous, stalker, possessive man we all love.

I've obviously been here since before either of those even existed so I guess you could say I've read pretty much all of them! They are just trying to survive in a dangerous city where anything can happen. How would things have turned out if they were broken up for a year? After all of Christian's efforts, he can't seem to find her.

That one night flips everything upside down and begins to unravel the lives they both have stringently built.

Multiple POV/AU/OOC *I do not own the characters**Sequel to Christifornication* After Five years of being away from Seattle, Elliot finally returns.

Ana and Christian are having a secret dangerous affair. But what happens when feelings become entangled and they can't let each other go? Now married, rich and deeply in love, they must navigate busy careers and Christian has to reassess his priorities to achieve a work-life balance. He can't win without her help but the presidency is not all he wants now.

Can he truely have the job and girl he's always wanted. They soon become high school sweethearts, but what's high school without a little drama?


I'm always open to suggestions, so if you have a story you love or (wrote a story) I would love to read it!! She lets her guard down around Christian, the man of her dreams, but can she forget about her past and the man who still haunts her? She'd better because her life may depend on it if he finds her.There was a ton of interest about creating Pinterest Board so I've uploaded a one for College Neighbors and I'll probably do one for Love & Security eventually. *Inspired by Safe Haven* AUAna and Elliot are set to get married, but the night before the wedding Christian and Ana have sex for the first time in their 12 year friendship.


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