Andrew Strasil, the website’s founder, said the number of individual users of the site grew from between 200,000 and 300,000 last year to nearly 1 million this year.He said he’s mostly relied on internet and search engine advertising.“You’re getting somebody actually serious about what they’re looking for,” he said.Tons of easy-going girls from any nationality are ready to engage in conversation without any background check. Alexander Goodman is the founder of Avventure Professionali nel Mondo, a club of Italian Professionals abroad.Alexander has read over 500 books on personal development, relationships and human psychology.Cassandra Munoz tried dating sites like e Harmony and, but she never quite felt like she was getting what she paid for.She said she felt like those sites posed superficial questions to users in an effort to connect them to each other.They usually get in touch in a circle of friends or co-workers and eventually decide to date.In the big multicultural cities I discovered that I didn’t need anything to get girlfriends, except myself. There, I’ve learned the best way to get girlfriends.


I’ve lived half of my life in a village meeting only local women. I needed to have a reputation, a nice car, a good job, a family, etc…

In a community where everyone knows almost everything about anyone when a couple starts dating, they’ve already gathered all the information about each other.

He said he also noticed spikes in membership after the publication of news articles about the website, including an August 2015 Journal Star article about the site.

He said he established the website after finding that other online dating sites matched up people mostly on likes and dislikes, their favorite colors and hobbies, and other mundane criteria.“It didn’t seem like you could get enough information about somebody,” he said.

The Falls City woman eventually found a dating website closer to home,, which she found to be more user-friendly and more penetrating in its questionnaire.“It’s got a higher caliber than e Harmony and Match,” she said.“Plus, you’re getting it for free.”She now works for the Falls City-based website, which has seen explosive growth in membership since it was launched in December 2012.


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