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Over 400 player piano rolls, some dating back before 1900, have been digitally scanned and converted to MIDI music files and placed online for global access and enjoyment.

The website is offered as a free, not-for-profit resource for students, faculty and music lovers to enjoy this great long-forgotten piece of American History.This allows the actions of one performer to directly influence another performer’s sound, and doing so only by means of the acoustic signal produced by normal musical expression on the instrument.Purchase Tickets online for Department of Music Events.Maps: to the Conrad Prebys Music Center pdf / weblink Sign up for music events e-mail newsletter. Guests arriving late may be turned away or will be asked to enter between pieces.

UC San Diego graduate student and flutist Rachel Beetz hosts San Diego New Music, the Arizona Contemporary Music Ensemble and conductor Simone Mancuso for a performance at the Conrad Prebys Music Center Experimental Theater.

Following last year's collaboration with Mancuso presenting the works of Pierre Boulez, Noise Spectra presents a new collaboration featuring Professor Øyvind Brandtsegg of the Norwegian University of Technology and Science (NTNU) is the leader of a project run by NTNU in collaboration with De Montfort University, Maynooth University, Queen Mary University of London, Norwegian Music Academy and UC San Diego.


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