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Sometimes, he stops the torture to provide medical assistance and cure the couple's wounds, so they can continue alive for a long period of time.


As the torture progresses, it is revealed he is simply doing it for sexual stimulation, and tells the couple he wants the two to survive.He finally castrates Kazuo, claiming he has found all the sexual relief he needs, so no longer needs the couple's "services".After several days healing, the "doctor" simply tells the couple they will be free to go, he will turn himself to authorities and, as apology for all the suffering he inflicted to the couple, he will give them all his fortune which seems to be very large, as compensation.After all the horror, in a moment alone in the hospital room, Aki and Kazuo promise to support each other once they leave and become a couple.

He even mentions he is a wealthy man, which suggests he may be a reputable surgeon, not merely a violent sadist, looking for an extreme way to obtain satisfaction in his lonely life.The couple also notes the doctor has a particular rotting smell always present behind his clean and elegant appearance.


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    This approach allows the Thermal Radar system to detect not only intruders who breech the established perimeter but detect them while on their approach.

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    Study author Dr Frank Scheer, director of the Medical Chronobiology Programme at Brigham and Women's Hospital, said: ‘Our findings suggest that the circadian system, or the internal body clock, contributes to the increased risk for cardiovascular events in the morning.’His colleague and co-author, Dr Steven Shea, director of the Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences, added: ‘Our findings indicate that the human circadian system causes a morning peak in circulating levels of PAI-1, independent of any behavioural or environmental influences.

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