Coachella valley chatroom


Friends are always adding new songs to our database etc, now is the time to update our content and branding, including updated website and logos, along with new station IDs, Promos, DJ Shows, etc..

If you enjoy the station and want to be part of the future growth this is your time!


I would say I’m sorry if I thought that it would change your mind 21. Slutty cat One thing that goes hand in hand is Hot Chicks and Music..

Hey now where you going with that load of nothing in your hand 20.

Most (but not all) of these songs are played on The / Poprock80s / Ghetto Radio.

Sorry, there are no prizes, but maybe if I beg Woodie he will mention the winner’s name and express our admiration of your lyrics guessing prowess on the station.

but besides that We’d like to open the doors more..

This station is Listener supported via donations, Being a donator gives you access to VIP access, access to browse the playlist database and requests songs automatically…


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