Colin egglesfield dating ginnifer goodwin speed dating in york


Malin Akerman and Colin Egglesfield are officially dating, a source confirms to Us Weekly.

The pair have kept mum about their relationship since first being photographed together in Beverly Hills earlier this month.

PHOTOS: Hot rebound romances "They're taking it slow," a source tells Us.

In quite the head-scratcher, a pal adds: "She thinks he's almost too hot for her!

[Laughs] Yeah, the paparazzi have pretty much been everywhere.

Then again, I'm not Kate Hudson where they follow me around every time I go to the deli.

PHOTOS: Celebrity couples -- then and now On April 12, the pair continued their new love fest at the 2014 Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race in Long Beach, Calif. PHOTOS: Rockstar romances Egglesfield, meanwhile, told Us back in April 2012 what he looks for in a girlfriend.

Each girl has something different about them that I'm attracted to, and that's what makes it more believable and difficult.

What can you tell me about your character in that film?

He's a guy who'd engaged to be married to Kate Hudson's character, but I fall in love with her best friend [played by Ginnifer Goodwin].

Egglesfield takes it all in stride, however; it's just another curveball in a career that's been full of them, zig-zagging from his pre-med background to high-fashion modeling to daytime soaps. It hasn't been a horrible thing -- obviously they got some really good pictures of us out in the Hamptons!

It's pretty amazing how they end up showing up in the most random places and find out where we're at.


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