Concrete consolidating counter self top

The workability of the mix can be changed with the addition of our series of water reducers.

Primary reinforcement can be achieved using our series of reinforcing fibers.

Delivery methods include cast-in-place, precast, and tilt-up, and in every case, good appearance is essential.

Achieving good surface characteristics requires thorough consolidation of the fresh concrete and thoroughly filled forms.


The mix is ideal for spraying, fiber reinforced scc (self compacting/consolidating concrete), and with minimal modifications can be pressed, troweled, or converted into a high performance wet cast mix or terrazzo mix.When reinforced with fiber, this mix can be created with minimal thickness and high tensile strengths.The GFRC Blended Mix is a carefully proportioned blend of cement, sand, pozzolans, curing polymer and performances additives designed to the highest performance standards.This mix can be used in a multitude of ways, serving as a base mix for infinite applications.

Defined by the American Concrete Institute as “concrete which will be permanently exposed to view and which therefore requires special care in selection of the concrete materials, forming, placing and finishing to obtain the desired architectural appearance,” it is showing its face everywhere.

Examples of applications are buildings and transportation structures like bridges and highway sound/barrier walls.


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