Consolidating alpln loans

Consolidation gives you the opportunity to choose one of the U. Department of Education's consolidation servicers (of which, Great Lakes is one) to complete and service your Direct Consolidation loan.

This also has to be your first attempt at consolidation with this program.

Benefits of an AES Student Loan Consolidation There are several benefits to using the AES student loan consolidation program.

Here are a few things to think about on the matter.

Requirements for an AES Student Loan The first thing to determine is whether or not you are eligible to consolidate. They do not check your credit or verify income, so this should not preclude anyone.

Here are a few advantages that you will want to consider.

Are you tired of managing multiple federal student loan payments, with multiple interest rates or multiple servicers? The program may allow you to consolidate your federal loans into one, and select the consolidation servicer of your choice.


The Direct Consolidation Loan program is offered by the U. Department of Education to federal student loan borrowers.

Department of Education made the landmark decision to allow you to choose your consolidation servicer (of which, Great Lakes is one) under the Direct Consolidation Loan program.

You have to be done with your classes in order to take advantage of this program.

The loans have to be federal loans in order to qualify for this program as well.

AES stands for American Education Services, and an AES student loan is the primary student loan servicing companies in the country.

They are a very large company that offer several benefits to their customers.


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