Consolidating information in option transactions


Use this form to import, export, or transfer data when you consolidate accounts for subsidiary legal entities into the accounts for a consolidated legal entity.

You can open the form in the various ways, depending on the purpose: You must create a legal entity that is used for consolidation before you can import data from other legal entities.

Indicate whether differences that occur due to the consolidation exchange are posted to a profit and loss account or to a balance account in the consolidated legal entity.

In the Consolidate [Export to] and Consolidate [Import from] forms, indicate the name of the file and the folder where it is located.

In the Consolidate [Import from] and Consolidate [Online] forms, indicate the accounts that are imported for each subsidiary.


The consolidated legal entity is not used for daily transactions.Instead, the consolidated legal entity is used to store consolidated data, inquiries, and reports, such as consolidated financial statements.


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