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It might be better now but we can't take that chance and we like to be able to cycle through pdfs to see the versioning, PPML files you can't open that way. I too like to be able to look at the print files that I need to send, and the preview engine on the 7600 is junk.PDF has always been my favorite, so I'm hoping we can get this figured out.

In Preview, you can open multiple items at once, then scroll through the items using the arrow keys on your keyboard.

I have been searching through everything I can get my hands on and I'm not getting anywhere.

For example, yesterday's run consisted of 40 variable data PDFs (about 2600 12x18 pages), totaling just over 2 GIG.

The output PDF after running through the above script was 21 GIG. If I manually consolidate the files, by opening the first one, and then adding the other 40 or so after that, and save that file, I see a dialog box that tells me it's consolidating backgrounds, removing duplicate fonts, etc.


Is there a setting in composition that I can't find that will allow this optimization to take place? We would output pdfs for proofs so we and the client could cycle through them on screen and as hard copy proofs, then write PPML files for the final print run and there was color differences between the 2 files.I'm really struggling that I can't find anything to help me keep these file sizes down. Like I said it's been awhile, about 2 years, since we have looked into the PPML files.


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