Corey booker dating


Cory Booker may have put those persistent–and frankly, tiresome–question about his sexuality away for now.

But for a celebrity politician like Booker, dating a “Hollywood entertainment lawyer” isn’t a narrative that’s going to do him any favors either.

Just two weeks from the day the Supreme Court will hear arguments about making marriage equality legal nationwide, New Jersey Senator Cory Booker has taken to the floor of the U. Senate to argue the importance of same-sex marriage to his colleagues. “We cannot deny the worth of one American without denying the worth dignity and strength of our nation as a whole.” Read more » Last week, Larry Wilmore threw a bag of weak tea at Sen.

Citizenship is on the line,” Booker said on the Senate floor.


(The one above was sent to a Mercer County resident.) Read more » 2014 will be a huge year in Pennsylvania politics — and particularly Philly area politics — with contested house seats, jockeying for position in a mayoral race, the national media ‘s fascination with Chris Christie and the hottest governor’s race in the country.Here’s more on the four major political storylines that will play out over the next year.


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