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Some people are uncomfortable signing invoices with religious quotes because they are non-religious, and have likened it to feeling like they signed up to work in a non-religious place but now have religion foisted upon them on a daily basis.Our department has been accused in the past of being the “PC police” and being overly “sensitive” to every little need.My question to you is, should this be taken seriously enough to risk a long-term contract with a prime vendor?In your opinion, do we have the right to ask them not to include religious jargon on their invoices for services that we pay for?My department recently started doing business with a company (now in a 10-year contract) that has started putting religious quotes on their invoices.For example, the latest one says “Honor God in all we do.” They’re all about that same level of religious-ness.Personally, I think this falls into the category of “annoying and inappropriate, but not interfering with our work.” But someone else could feel more strongly about it.


Or should we mind our own business and try to get on with the day?

Note that this is a multinational company with a local franchisee that is working with us, so I doubt that the multinational even knows about the religious quotes on invoices.


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