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Make it witty Dating profiles that are fun to go through are bound to elicit a higher number of responses that those that are ponderous and self-congratulatory.This does not mean that you should include bawdy humor or dirty jokes while describing yourself.Begin with the profile header This is the first bit about yourself on your dating profile that potential candidates will come across.So make sure that your profile header is witty and attractive.Stick to the right length Avoid long-winded descriptions of yourself if you want to get noticed.But first you need to attract the right candidates and for this having a dating profile that stands out from the rest is a must.Here are a few creative ways to describe yourself in your internet dating profile.

Just keep it witty and add a dose of light humor so that potential candidates can see you for the smart and fun-loving person that you are.

Highlight the unique Most dating profiles come across as lackluster and boring because they are a mish mash of the typical and non-informative.

Going online is a great way to reach out to so many interesting people.

The biggest advantage of signing up for online dating services is that you can choose someone you like from a multitude of potential candidates and that too, from the comfort of your home.


Rather than describing yourself in generic terms as “fun-loving”, “adventurous”, “fond of dining out”, use phrases that detail your interests in expressive terms.

For instance instead of the tame “adventurous”, you could say that you a person “who loves to feel the surf against your face when sailing out in the open seas” or to describe yourself as a gourmet you could write that you are“transported by the vibrant colors as well as the aroma of herbs and spices in Indian cuisine”.


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