Crossdressed boys dating boys

You worry that if your son is a cross-dresser, he has a mental problem or sexual perversion.

Cross-dressing begins when most boys are young, and despite how strange it may seem, it's a completely normal behavior.

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When you discover your son wearing female clothing, including skirts, tights, heels and even panties, it can be a shocking experience.

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It's very difficult to stop someone's enjoyment of cross-dressing if he's been doing it for any length of time.You can, however, help your son by giving him the support he needs from his parents.Young children might also just enjoy playing as or pretending to be the opposite sex. Watch for signs that may prompt your son to cross-dress while he's still in elementary school.For example, if your young son says he wishes he were the other gender or hates being a boy, he might begin cross-dressing.

Consider your son's age before responding to his cross-dressing.Before about six years of age, children think their gender can be changed, so they may dress to reflect that.


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