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Cheating is usually the event that causes a break-up, but this relationship was doomed either way. Despite their tumultous relationship, Chip and Mike have a lot of crazy stories.

I am in shock and awe that we are celebrating (yes, . I would not still be here embarrassing myself every week if you weren’t out there downloading, listening, and writing in. Mike once compared Chip and a new mother’s breast milks.

Less a top-one hundred list, more a "Go ahead, ask me about 'blank,'" with "blank" being a thing.

Because sometimes I need to be reminded of the things that I like, the things that keep me going.


In this 100th episode, Boobs of Bushwick curator Kate Chiplinsky sits down with her ex Michael. “Chip” is a brassy Australian who couldn’t keep a filter on if you welded it to her face. The combination makes for a very interesting format change in a super special Kate “Chip” Chiplinsky and Mike’s relationship was based on a lot of sex, drugs, and rock & roll. When the molly wears off, you realize you’re still next to this person who totally turns you off.

Meanwhile, Chip recounts her times as a mess of a human being and how she tried to turn that around.


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